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Memorial Plans & Designs

Announcing Artist Finalists

Stenton and the Inequality in Bronze: Monumental Plantation Legacies project team, supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, are thrilled to announce the artist finalists for the Dinah monument. Following a year of community meetings, workshops and facilitated discussions to imagine a memorial to Dinah inclusive of the specificity of her own story as well as expansive narratives regarding equity, representation and inequality, a nationwide search began for public artists. A talented, qualified and inspiring group of artists was considered for the project. The group was reviewed and juried by the Stenton staff, the public art curator, and the Dinah advisory committee (individuals’ names listed below), to select three exceptional artists to develop full proposals to be presented by the artists to a public audience.


Artist Finalists for the Inequality in Bronze Dinah Monument Project:


La Vaughn Belle, Christiansted, Virgin Islands


Kenturah Davis, Los Angeles, CA / New Haven, CT, USA / Accra, Ghana

Olivier Headshot.jpg

Karyn Olivier, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Artist Proposals 

On Saturday, September 14, 2019, the three Artist Finalists, La Vaughn Belle, Kenturah Davis, and Karyn Olivier, presented their proposals for a new twenty-first-century Dinah Memorial at Stenton. Through Saturday, September 28, Stenton collected feedback responses to the three projects from those who were unable to attend the presentations. If you wish to remind yourself what we know about Dinah as a person, click here.

Project Team and Advisors


Community Engagement Consultant

Dina Bailey, International Coalition of Sites of Conscience


Public Art Curator

Neysa Page-Lieberman, Columbia College Chicago / Wabash Arts Corridor


Inequality in Bronze Advisory Committee:

Paul Farber, Monument Lab

Ken Lum, University of Pennsylvania / Monument Lab

Patti Phillips, Moore College of Art and Design

Ashley Rogers, Whitney Plantation

Adrienne Whaley, Museum of the American Revolution


Inequality in Bronze: Monumental Plantation Legacies has been supported by

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.

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