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The Heart of Our Mission



During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we invite you to discover our Virtual Classroom: Learning at Home. 

Stenton welcomes school groups of all grade levels to learn about 18th century life in age-appropriate tours of the mansion, outbuildings and grounds. Educational program options are based on the age of the students and the length of time allotted for a tour or educational program. Please call or email Stenton’s Education Director, Kaelyn Barr, at 215-329-7312 or, for more information.


Participation in the History Hunters Program is generally for students in grades 4 or 5 but can be modified for almost any age.  Subsidized spaces are available for Philadelphia Public Schools, and usually fill within a few days of opening the registration in late August. Please email for more information or to be notified when registration begins.


All other schools outside of the Philadelphia School District are welcome to participate.  The cost of the program is $5 per student, and the schedule can be flexible to best fit your specific school class.


To learn more about this exciting program, please visit or call 215-329-7312.

Stenton's largest education project is

The History Hunters Youth Reporter Program.


History Hunters is an exciting, literacy-based educational program that takes students to five exceptional museums during the school year. Students in the program will become investigative reporters, writing about their experiences with the history, buildings and artifacts of their community. Students will explore how early settlers and Native Americans interacted, how one house in Germantown became the center of a fierce battle during the American Revolution, how children lived long ago, and what it might have been like to escape from slavery on the Underground Railroad. 


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