Past Virtual Programs

Click the links below to view recordings of our past virtual programs.

Historic House Museums in the 21st Century: Reimaginings and New Solutions Webinar

Boxed In: Letitia's Wrights "Colonial" Stenton Garden Lecture and Garden Tour

“…I wish to preserve for Posterity”: Deborah Norris Logan and Memory-making at Stenton Facebook LIVE


"Remember My Name: Dinah's Story" Performance and Panel Discussion 


"OCHRE, OLD FUSTIC, AND MAPLE: Reinstating Color, Texture, and a Flying Tester Bedstead in Stenton’s Yellow Lodging Room" Webinar 

Global Philadelphia's Heritage Storytime EPISODE 2: Philly has a Dream for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day​​ & Resource Guide


Giving Tuesday Feast of Gratitude highlighting Logan dining equipage and recipes- Facebook LIVE 

"An Atlantic Life: James Logan of Lurgan and Philadelphia" Webinar

Philadelphia Queen Anne Chairs: Logan and Loganesque Program


Virtual Tour of Stenton's Garden and Grounds

Researching & Re-shingling Stenton's Roof Webinar


Virtual Tour of Stenton's Food Axis


Virtual Tour of Stenton- Back-to-Front and Upstairs-Downstairs


"On the Plantation": Expanding our Knowledge of Enslaved and Indentured Workers at Stenton Webinar


Virtual Tour of the Blue Lodging Room

Virtual Tour of the Parlor

Open Hive Talk with Stenton Caretaker and Beekeeper Jeff Eckel- Part 1 & Part 2

"Relics of the Olden Time: John Fanning Watson and Material Memorials of Early Philadelphia" Webinar

Virtual Garden Party 2020