Upcoming Virtual Programs

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Past Virtual Programs

Click the links below to view recordings of our past virtual programs.

Virtual Tour of Stenton's Garden and Grounds

Researching & Re-shingling Stenton's Roof Webinar


Virtual Tour of Stenton's Food Axis


Virtual Tour of Stenton- Back-to-Front and Upstairs-Downstairs


"On the Plantation": Expanding our Knowledge of Enslaved and Indentured Workers at Stenton Webinar


Virtual Tour of the Blue Lodging Room

Virtual Tour of the Parlor

Open Hive Talk with Stenton Caretaker and Beekeeper Jeff Eckel- Part 1 & Part 2

Virtual Garden Party

Bring the Stenton Egg Hunt into your home!

We miss all of our wonderful guests!! We wish we could be with you in person for our annual egg hunt, but since we can't, here are some of our favorite activities for you to enjoy at home. Tag us on social media to show us your #StentonEggHunt crafts! Have safe and happy Easter.