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Letitia Ellicott Wright (1861-1933)

After the City purchased the property in 1909, a garden committee was formed with Logan descendant, Letitia Ellicott Carpenter Wright (Mrs. William Redwood Wright) as Chairman, starting a period of careful record-keeping that lasted until her resignation in 1917. While Mary Chew may have saved Stenton, Letitia Wright created its garden.


“I can hardly help telling thee how beautiful my venerable mansion looks with its vegetables in full glory, now in leafy June, nor what quantities of roses I have blown (sic)…nor the superb appearance of my Glycene…” — Deborah Logan to Sarah Miller Walker, June 4, 1827 — Quoted in Letitia Wright’s “First Draft for the Committee,” for the booklet, c 1911.


“Colonial Garden at Stenton Described in Old Letters” was published in 1916, printed by Germantown independent gazette in Philadelphia .


(Downloadable link from c/o Library of Congress)

"Colonial Garden at Stenton 

Described in Old Letters"  Publication by Letitia E. Wright

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