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One of the best things about robot vacuum cleaners is that they are automatic. That means that they would do the cleaning job, getting our houses free of dust on their own without you having to lift a finger. There is just something about cleaning and house chores that are so discouraging to do. I mean, don’t we all have better things to do? Things

If you’re a busy person with a packed schedule such that you’re having a hard time to just find time for yourself, robot cleaners might be the one for you. After hours of research, we recommend the Shark ion robot R75 vacuum cleaner because it is the perfect option in terms of price, power and convenience.

  • Price

The Shark ion r750 sells for $300 at the time of writing. This is average compared to its counterpart robotic cleaners. There are many different brands on the market that offer excellent quality for their machines. However, the most modern vacuum cleaner might not be the one for you. The one for you needs to suits your needs, preferences and lifestyle.

  • Power

According to Shark Ion Robot R75 Reviews, the Shark r75 can clean like a dream for about an hour to an hour and a half. It transits smoothly from a rugged, carpeted surface onto a smooth, laminated floor. While it cleans, it picks up large to medium particles of food crumbs or debris from the walls or ceiling with ease, leaving a nice smooth line behind its trail.

After the one hour duration, it slacks off somewhat and doesn’t clean as aggressively and powerfully. However, wifi vacuum robots were never designed to carry out robust, deep-cleaning tasks. Instead, they are built for casual, daily clean-ups to give your floor a shiny look when you’re out of the house. For this reason, the one-hour duration, in our opinion, is reasonable for this mission.

As mentioned above, robot cleaners are usually for those that are too busy to clean their houses often. Because of this, they are a good complement to your daily cleaning tasks and not a complete substitute that can take on the whole house.

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  • Recharge

When the battery drains, the machine automatically returns to its dock to re-charge. This is the feature that makes it an ideal house-keeper for when you’re away. You simply never have to worry about it dying mid-session or having to manually adjust the plug for recharge. Imagine coming home to a floor nicer than when you left it everytime.

The only problem there seems to be with recharge is that the machine has some trouble connecting to the dock. When it returns, the Shark robot 750 will move around until it detects the light sensor that allows it to settle on the dock. You will see it moving in circles before it can rest completely.

In terms of charging time, the Shark 750 needs three hours to fully charge. This is not a short time, but the good thing is that you never have to care anyway. One of the best things about robot cleaners is that you don’t even notice that they’re there, and that’s why they require little hands-on, manual adjustment from humans. Simply let it do its things, and re-supply the energy when it’s out of battery.

Above are some of our key points as to why you should try out the Shark ion R75 robot cleaners by Shark. They offer a good quality for a fair price. Robot cleaners are one of those things that you don’t know you need until you use one. With that, all the best of luck for you and your family!

Shark ion robot review

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