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Digital Backgrounds

Do you miss historic houses as much as we do? Host your next virtual gathering from Stenton! Click on the images below to download one or all of the Stenton interior backgrounds, and follow the instructions to add them to your virtual meeting on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Snap Camera. Be sure to screenshot yourself with your Stenton background and share with us @stentonmuseum on Facebook and Instagram.


To apply your new background on your desktop Zoom app, follow the steps below. To apply the background on mobile devices, refer to Zoom’s official guidelines.

  1. Choose your preferred background below and click on the image to download and save to your computer.

  2. Open your Zoom app, log in to your account, and navigate to your account settings.

  3. Select “Virtual Background” and then choose the “+” icon to add your desired image as a background option.

Geoffrey Gross June 2012 Stenton_OKI7746
Office 2018.jpg
Blue Lodging Room 2018.jpg
Back Dining Room 2018 JREqTDHEQB2fd0QCfT
Lodging Rooms 2018.jpg
Will Brown Cellarretouch.tiff
Panoramic YLR Jere Paolini Sept 2017.jpg
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