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Yellow Lodging Room Contractors and Suppliers

Finishes analysis                             Catherine Myers, Myers Conservation, Philadelphia

        Catherine Matsen, Associate Scientist, Winterthur Museum

Dye analysis                                     Richard Newman, Head of Scientific Research, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

                                                             Jocelyn Alacantara-Garcia, University of Delaware

Woven wool damask                     Anna Benson and Neil Warburton, Context Weavers, Lancashire, UK

Dyeing                                               Shawn Meeks, Lab and Wet Process Manager, Testfabrics, Inc., Pittston, PA

Finishing                                            Lana Fulks, Fabric Backing & Finishing Co., Alpharetta, GA

Woven trim                                       Rabbit Goody, Thistle Hill Weavers, Cherry Hill, NY

Flying tester bed construction      Mike Podmaniczky, Wilmington, DE

Weight testing hooks                       Alexander Stadel, Keast & Hood Structural Engineers, Philadelphia

Reproduction Settee                        Andersen & Stauffer Furniture Makers, Lititz, PA

Upholstery                                          Elizabeth Paolini, Philadelphia

Ironwork and brass rings                Luke DiBerardinis, Carpenter and Blacksmith, Natural Lands Trust, Media, PA

Plaster stabilization / painting      Fairmount Park Conservancy Architectural Conservation, Philadelphia

Wood repair / paint replication    Christopher Mills, Christopher Mills Conservation Services, LLC

           Erika Sanchez Goodwillie, Freelance Historical Painter


Nancy Britton, Textile and Upholstery Conservator, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Clarissa Barnes de Muzio, Glen Court Design, Newport, RI

David de Muzio, Executive Director, Audrain Automobile Museum, Newport, RI

Linda Eaton, John L. & Marjorie P. McGraw Director of Collections and Senior Curator of Textiles at Winterthur Museum

Andrew Fearon, Materials Conservation Co., LLC, Philadelphia

Alexandra Kirtley, Montgomery-Garvan Associate Curator of American Decorative Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Christopher Storb, Conservator, The Dietrich American Foundation, Philadelphia

Annabel Westman, Textile Historian, United Kingdom

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