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Bulb-ous Bonanza!

Grow your garden

(and Stenton's, too!)

When you yearn for spring beauty, take action in the fall to order tulips, daffodils, Scilla, allium, hyacinth and more. 


Stenton is pleased to be registered with Brent and Becky's Bulbs in its Bloomin' Bucks friend-raising program.  Proceeds from every order come back to Stenton to support the gardens and landscape.  You will find an amazing selection, including many heirloom varieties and some that are deer resistant.


It's easy!

Step 1-- Go to  today.

Step 2-- Choose Stenton as your favorite not for profit organization.

Step 3-Browse the vast selection and order.

Step 4-Plant and wait until Spring!


If you have questions about what to choose, how to plant and what to expect, contact Stenton Garden Tender, Susan Yeager at

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